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Asia is one with love for the earth.

Asian women leaders will connect, unite and cooperate.
We will solve Asian problems together and realize the ideal future of Asia together.

Creating synergies between people, goods, information, wealth and wisdom, working with Asian women leaders in all areas of women's empowerment, environment, economy, education, healthcare, mental health beauty, and AI as private companies with UN-related organizations. We will circulate abundance and spread the ripples of love and light. And we will connect the beautiful Asian love and harmony baton to the next generation of children.

One for all. All for one.

Asia is one with love for the earth.

With my heartfelt gratitude for the miracle of living together on this earth now.

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Another Asia: Rabindranath Tagore and Okakura Tenshin

This timeless masterpiece delves into the inter-Asian cultural politics in an encounter between India’s beloved poet.


To end poverty, protect the planet and enhance the lives and state of affairs of people around the globe, firm actions are taken by all UN Member States to deliver the 17 Sustainable.


AWLF is actively inviting participants for Asian Woman Award 2022. This award recognizes and rewards the contribution of extraordinary Asian women leaders who promote harmony, wisdom, social support, and who fulfill needs to achieve sustainable development goals as per the United Nations Charter.

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News from prominent women leaders across Asia

Young Global Leader Focuses on the Circular Economy

Akira Sakano, a “Zero Waste” proponent from a small mountain town, played the important role of co-chair at Davos 2019. What is her message to the world?

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Female Social Entrepreneurs Changing Society

Lin Kobayashi is the founder of UWC ISAK Japan, which is gaining a reputation as a center of learning for change-makers. What is a “society where women shine”...

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Smriti Irani to launch an initiative to improve female participation in workforce

Women should not merely be the users of technology but the owners of technology, said women and child development...

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